Duratomic® – now with Edge Intelligence

Duratomic technology produces a durable coating by arranging the aluminium and oxygen atoms in a unique way to
provide increased toughness and abrasion resistance. The new generation of Duratomic grades, with Edge Intelligence,
allows for higher productivity and unmatched versatility still with high contrast used edge detection. Edge Intelligence: an
integration of Seco expertise and knowledge in every insert edge.

When Duratomic was launched in the beginning of 2007, it set a new standard for machining performance. Seco’s
research team had spent years working on the ultimate coating – one that was tougher and at the same time more wear-
resistant than conventional coatings.

It was the first time that a coating had been manipulated on an atomic level, and with Seco’s pioneering advances in
nanoscience and engineering techniques, the insert coating’s mechanical and thermal properties made it possible to
design grades for optimal performance in all areas of metal cutting. This meant higher cutting speeds and fewer tool
changes. Today, compared to other grades on the market, the old Duratomic grades are still in a class of their own.

Used Edge Detection

There is always room for improvement. So over the past few years we have developed the next generation of Duratomic. In
short, we once again dived deep into the wonderful world of atoms – because we believed in creating something even
better to give our customers the ultimate edge in turning.

We have improved and enhanced the Duratomic turning grades, both inside and outside. The three new grades cover all
your needs in steel turning applications. The new insert grades also feature improved toughness, heat and wear
resistance as well as chemical inertness for longer tool life, even at high cutting parameters.

The new Duratomic turning inserts offer you even more competitive benefits when it comes to high-speed, balanced and
versatile production. Edge Intelligence in the form of used edge detection ensures that you don’t throw away inserts with
unused edges. So, get the chrome ones, because Used Edge Detection makes it easier than ever to use all edges.
The Duratomic® timeline

Major breakthrough Duratomic technology became available.

Turning with Duratomic Seco launched TP2500, its first grade with Duratomic technology. The introduction of TP2500
proved a great success and set a new standard for coatings.

Milling with Duratomic The first milling grades with Duratomic were launched: MP2500, MK1500 and MK3000 for milling in
steel and cast iron.

Drilling with Duratomic Seco expanded the Duratomic offering into drilling and the Performax product range with the launch
of the DP2000 grade with Duratomic.

Grooving and parting-off with Duratomic Seco launched Duratomic inserts for grooving and parting-off, including TGP25
and TGP45.

Turning with Duratomic Seco reached another level in the turning program by introducing TK1001 and TK2001 for turning
in cast iron.

Development continues We once again dived deep into the wonderful world of atoms, because we believed in creating
something even better.

Chrome is the new black Seco launched Duratomic with Edge Intelligence, consolidating Seco’s position as being the
benchmark in the machining industry.